3 Creative Ways to Use Landscape Lighting for Your Front Entry in Rochester Hills, MI

If you are looking for a sure-fire way to add charm to your Rochester Hills, MI, front entry, look no further than creative lighting. The features that look so pretty in the daylight will disappear at night, but landscape lighting can lead your guests right to the front door.

Advantages of Landscape Lighting

3 Creative Ways to Use Landscape Lighting for Your Front Entry in Rochester Hills, MI

Illuminating your property at night increases the visual appeal when the sun sets. A home with nighttime lighting not only catches the eye but can also focus the attention on features that are not as prominent in the daytime. If you have a curving retaining wall or a textured exterior stone wall, a soft wash of light or a bold spotlight can draw the attention to these details that are not as noticeable in the daytime landscape. The same is true for an entryway—the columns of your front porch can really stand out after dark with the right lighting.

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Landscape lighting also increases the safety for those who visit you in the evening. A lighted driveway, walkway, and steps reduces the risk of slips and falls and any potential injury. When you arrive home at night, lighting will make the entry to your home easy and stress free.

Ideal Lighting for Entries 

If you think about it, the entry to your home begins well before the front door. Soft, ambient lights along the edges of the driveway make parking easier because they help to define the edges. If you have a garage, attractive sconces or light fixtures with the appropriate wattage can illuminate the area for exiting the car. 

Lighting along the pathway to your home also makes movement from the car to your entryway so much safer and accessible. Not only will it increase the ease of walking, but a softly lighted sidewalk is beautiful at night. 

Don’t forget to light the steps, as well. Lights can be hidden under the step to make them easier to climb, especially for the little ones and the elderly. Backlights or spotlights on special features of your porch or landing bring some drama to your nighttime entryway, focusing the attention on parts of your home that you particularly love. Finish your entry with a gorgeous hanging fixture and coordinating sconces and you have a truly engaging entry that says “Welcome!” to your guests.

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Enlist Lighting Professionals

When you own a beautiful home, it only makes sense to bring it to life at night with strategic lighting. Your local Rochester Hills landscapers can illuminate your property to bring you bolstered home security so that when you arrive home after dark, you don’t have to worry about those dark corners or areas of the yard that you can’t see because they are too dark. Statistics show that intruders will choose a well-lit home as a last resort.

Because landscape lighting service can hide wires and design the lighting to be subtle, yet noticeable, you won’t ever be looking at anything less than perfect. No one will even know the lights are there until your landscape is dazzling at night. 

Contractors with extensive experience at artfully strategic fixture placement will know exactly where to place the illuminating features to highlight the very best parts of your Rochester Hills, MI, property.