Creative Ways to Use Landscape Lighting in Macomb Township, MI

Transforming your landscape at night from common to extraordinary is easy when you have well-placed lighting throughout your landscape. From small highlights to general illumination, a layered landscape lighting plan can raise the aesthetic and functional properties of your property at night. To creatively incorporate landscape lighting in your property in Macomb Township, MI, note these suggestions.  

Uplight Trees to Line Your Driveway or Property Line

Trees that line your property or drive offers a linear look that’s quite attractive, and you can extend the aesthetic into the nighttime with the use of lights that are directed from the ground upward, highlighting each tree. The aesthetic impact will be substantial, and the area will be made safer as well. 

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Accent Light for Accent Pieces

Creative Ways to Use Landscape Lighting in Macomb Township, MI

The focal and accent pieces of your landscape deserve to continue their important positions at night. Creative placement of accent lighting around statues, fountains, and hardscape features like a pergola or patio will allow you to show off your landscape’s finer points even when the sun has gone down.

Put a Spotlight on Special Features of Your Home

The architectural highlights of your home’s exterior can also be beneficial to your nighttime landscape. Areas to consider include entryways, windows, and spaces where the angles and lines speak to your style. As you place lights to highlight the home or landscape, however, remember to keep the placement balanced. Random light placement might make sense when you have a specific feature to highlight, but keep in mind that light can have an impact all its own. Consider the results from a distance too. 

Plan for Creating a Nighttime Aesthetic 

Another creative use of lighting for your nightscape would be to place camp lights, lanterns, and other mobile lamps strategically around the property. When you anticipate company’s arrival, you can make sure that your fire pit is lit and lamps are set for the perfect cozy backdrop for your event. 

Highlight the Beauty of a Structured Tree

A majestic oak, gnarled sycamore, or well-pruned tree of any variety can serve as the anchor point of your landscape, and landscape lighting can help define its position at night. The grounding, natural beauty of a mature, established tree sends a powerful message and deserves a place of privilege within your yard.

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Dramatic Display of Your Pool

Lighting your pool at night can set the tone for the evening. Whether you’re enjoying down time by yourself or having a pool party with friends, the lighting is key. Many pool owners even have a light display installed around the pool so that they can change the lighting depending on the occasion. Regardless of the event, the combination of light, water, and swaying grasses or leaves nearby will set the stage for your landscape.

Use String Lights and Side Lights

Creative homeowners may also use stringed and side lights around their property. The size and maneuverability of these lights make them perfect for incorporating lights within specific areas of your landscape. Placed upon the sides of retaining walls, columns, or other vertical surfaces, side lights will highlight the structure and add safety, and string lights add a sense of festivity and joy that’s appropriate for any and all occasions regardless of formality or tone.

Display Flowers at Night

The flowers and greenery within your landscape are an investment, and their influence upon your landscape doesn’t have to be limited to daylight. Add lighting around your flower beds to have them shine at all times of day and night.