Tips for Choosing the Right Style of Patio Pavers in Troy, MI

Whether you are refreshing an existing patio or expanding your functional landscape with a brand-new one, choosing the right type of patio pavers for your landscape can seem overwhelming at first. Should you match the patio pavers to your Troy, MI, home or pick something entirely different? Here are some tips to help guide your decision.

Benefits of Patio Pavers

Tips for Choosing the Right Style of Patio Pavers in Troy, MI

There are so many benefits to having a gorgeous, functional patio. When the weather in Michigan is nice, you can have an alfresco dinner outdoors on your patio. Add some comfortable couches and chairs, and you can look forward to relaxing at the end of a long week on the patio while you visit with friends or watch the kids play. 

If you decide to also add a low retaining wall, you’ll subtly increase the privacy of your patio area without saying to your neighbors, “I don’t want to see you.” A retaining wall can also increase the seating area of your patio when you want to host a larger group or when it is time for a family birthday party. 

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How Do You Choose Patio Pavers?

Because there are so many paver choices available, you can create any type of outdoor look you desire. You might choose to use a cobblestone paver because you love the old-world look of European stones. Cobblestones come in a variety of hues including gray, tan, and even tones of cream. Because they tend to look more rustic, cobblestone pavers can complement a traditional home and a cottage style home very well. 

There are also patio pavers that have a smooth, geometric look to extend the urban feel of a contemporary home. These pavers come in the shapes of square and rectangular to bring visual order to your patio area. 

Any patio can be laid in a variety of patterns from a soldier course of evenly laid pavers to alternating pavers that produce a basket weave appearance. And when you add a contrasting border to your patio, the visual appearance can be dramatic. 

If you choose to use a different paver style or color for a specific area of the patio, then you can create an outdoor “room” such as a dining room. Using different pavers to designate spaces in your patio is a wonderful way to create functional spots within the whole patio.

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Add the Extras

Don’t forget that any patio can host a warm fire feature such as a fire pit or outdoor fireplace to provide a warmth and ambient light for an evening outside. Everyone loves to gather around a fire to toast marshmallows or just to enjoy a warm drink. A fire feature can allow you to spend more time outside when you would normally head indoors as the sun sets. 

There are also water features of virtually any size to provide the soothing sounds of trickling water to wash away the stress of daily life. And low level lighting incorporated into a low retaining wall, twinkly lights for the overhead, and fresh light fixtures and sconces for your patio area can create an oasis in your backyard.

If you are considering replacing the patio pavers in your Troy, MI, landscape or perhaps expanding the existing patio area, talk with a landscape expert with proven experience in designing custom patios.