7 Laying Patterns for Your Patio Pavers in Rochester Hills, MI

Patio pavers offer a striking way to upgrade your outdoor entertaining space and add value to your Rochester Hills, MI, home. Besides the variety of materials and styles to choose from for your patio pavers, you also have some fun decisions ahead of you in terms of how you want the pavers to be arranged. The laying pattern can be subtle or make a statement. Discover of the different laying patterns you can choose for your patio.


7 Laying Patterns for Your Patio Pavers in Rochester Hills, MI

Fun and eye-catching, the herringbone pattern features a zigzag design that will incorporate a pop of interest to any paved area. This timeless pattern is often consider because it is considered strong and durable—it is as tough as it is beautiful. And it could be the perfect pattern to make an impact as an accent space to an entryway or small patio area, or for a dramatic effect in a larger paved space.

Basket Weave

A traditional motif, the basket weave pattern features rectangular pavers interlocked to create block designs. Your landscape contractor may also refer to it as parquet. You may want to opt for varying colors to create contrast in this pattern, which is considered to be ideal for large and small paved areas alike. It’s often used to break up a large design.

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European Fan

This popular style, which originated in Europe, is arguably one of the most beautiful patterns for paving. Dramatic and bold, the European fan pattern can add understated opulence to your exterior property. Due to the nature of pattern, you gain flexibility with the sizes and color of the pavers for this highly desirable aesthetic.

Running Bond

Uniform and sleek, the running bond pattern is exactly what it sounds like: a running row of pavers laid all in the same direction. You can choose from a mix of colors, or one uniform color to achieve the effect you desire. Either way, the outcome is a clean and sophisticated paved finish.

Circular Pattern

As the name suggest, the circular pattern is achieved by laying pavers in rows to create a circle formation. You can mix this pattern into larger paved areas to highlight a particular space, for example, where your patio seating will go. This unique paving pattern offers a great way to add an interesting designer touch.

Asymmetrical and Random Shapes

Multi-shape pavers can be combined to offer a random, natural look that looks right at home in a rustic setting. These asymmetrical patterns can be set at different angles in multiple colors to create a bold and dramatic aesthetic. You can even create a cobblestone-style pattern to add old-world charm to your landscape design.

Contrast Borders

Another way to utilize patterns in your patio pavers is with a contrast border design. With this method, you can simply choose a contrasting color to add a border within your paved area. You can even mix and match materials and laying patterns to create a one-of-a-kind look. Your landscape contractor can work closely with you to think through your many options for incorporating your favorite paver colors and shapes into a custom pattern you are sure to love.