5 Beautiful Effects Achieved Using Landscape Lighting in Troy, MI

Once you’ve added gorgeous greenery and outdoor features to your home, it’s time to show off those features at night with expertly crafted landscape lighting. Artificial, strategically placed lighting provides an opportunity artfully showcase the special areas around your home’s exterior when the sun goes down, and can create drama and breathtaking effects that you and your guests are sure to appreciate. Consider these lovely luminary additions for your next landscape lighting project in your Troy, MI home. Get ready to light up the night!

Silhouetted Staircases

5 Beautiful Effects Achieved Using Landscape Lighting in Troy, MI

Darkened entryways are a hazard, and also a wasted opportunity for viewing your home’s special features at night. Add a soft glow to front and back entryway staircases with low-voltage landscape lighting placed along each step. By adding soft glow lights at the correct angle to your stairs, you’ll create a striking light display that also serves as a safety feature.  

Landscape Illumination

Is there a gorgeous old tree in your yard that deserves special attention, even at night? Would you would like to enjoy your flower beds any time of day? An illuminated landscape provides visual impact as it highlight your property’s best features. Add a spotlight to bring out the beauty of a sprawling oak tree at night, or add accent lights to the landscaping around your entryway, and watch your favorite foliage come to life, even in the dark.

Light the Way

Walkways are in need for illumination for ease of use. From decorative light posts to understated runners, you will be able to create a dramatic visual effect that sets the desired mood for your evening get-togethers. Whether you choose in-ground stake lights or artfully hidden lighting, you will find that your pretty paved pathways take on a whole new look with the proper light fixtures. For your walkways, you do not want to leave high-traffic areas in the dark—in addition to lighting around the walkways, you could have lighting set up near your sidewalks, back entryways, and other darkened areas for both navigation and as a way to put your home’s best features on display.

Architecture Highlights

If your entrance way is adorned with fluted front columns or your home offers dramatic arched roof angles that get hidden at night, you have some lighting opportunities to bring attention to the finer details in your landscape. Illuminate all of your favorite architectural details by highlighting them with expertly angled lighting. Not only does architectural lighting offer another layer of security to your home, but it creates a welcoming feel to when you return home every night. Even a few perfectly placed spotlights can create a big impact and make your home stand out after sunset.

Patio and Porch Lights

Enjoy your favorite outdoor space at night with patio and porch landscape lighting. Consider adding decorative runner lights to your outdoor bar, or dramatic lighting around your pool. Keep the barbecue fired up well after the sun goes down, and enjoy dinner al fresco on your softly illuminated back porch. With so many options for exterior lighting, it may be hard to know where to start; contact a landscape lighting professional for more ideas and tips on how to make your home truly stand out a night.