4 Popular Patio Pavers Contractors Are Using for Shelby Township, MI, Driveways

Making improvements to your home comes with a lot of decision making. When looking into refinishing or constructing a new driveway, many homeowners don’t even know where to begin. What should the driveway look like? What materials are best to use? What about the design and style choice? By having an understanding of some of the preferred materials that professionals are using these days, you will gain a better idea of what your finished project could look like. Read on as we tell you all about some of the most popular patio pavers that contractors are using for driveways in Shelby Township, MI. 

The Classic Paver

4 Popular Patio Pavers Contractors Are Using for Shelby Township, MI, Driveways

Classic, uniform, and universally beautiful, the look of brick is a timeless go-to for a variety of paved and masonry projects, including driveways. If you are looking for a more traditional aesthetic to your exterior space, brick could be the right choice for your driveway. For a sophisticated, traditional pattern, a running bond or basket weave pattern in classic red brick could be an optimal choice. A more modern look could involve gray or multi-colored bricks in a herringbone pattern. You may be surprised at all of the ways you can incorporate this seemingly humble looking material beautifully into your driveway design. 

Contemporary Patio Pavers

When it comes to options, the more modern styles of driveway pavers offer plenty. Working closely with your landscape contractor, you can choose among a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes for a durable driveway that will look beautiful day after day and provide full functionality for multiple carloads. You can create a variety of patterns with different sized concrete pavers to create a customized look, or choose pavers to match other masonry or paved areas of your landscape. 

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Flagstone Pavers

A favorite for creating a natural-looking finish, flagstone offers a cool and rustic look and feel. Flagstone-substitute patio pavers comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so no one driveway using this material will look the same. From Unilock, you will come across Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers, which offer soft, neutral shades that go well with pretty much any aesthetic. If you are looking for something special and distinguished, then this is an excellent paver choice to consider. 

The Look of Bluestone

This beautiful natural stone known as bluestone is a favorite in contemporary landscape design. As the name suggest, this material offers a blue cast, which can give your outdoor areas an updated feel. While bluestone itself is not considered fully practical for driveways, concrete pavers that closely resemble the stone, like Unilock Richcliff pavers, are. If you are looking for material that is sure to wow, ask about adding the look of bluestone to your driveway plan.  

Unsure about what kind of materials to use for your new or refinished driveway? It can be a complex choice as you want material that looks beautiful yet is able to withstand the snow and sun throughout the various seasons. Driveway pavers designed to mature beautifully while enduring through the weather conditions are a smart choice. Contact your local landscape experts for advice and enjoy the process of designing your new paver driveway.