Why You Should Replace Worn Out and Cracked Brick Pavers in Oakland Township, MI

A worn out and cracked hardscape presents hazards for you and your visitors, not to mention the fact that any broken pieces are an eyesore for your Oakland Township, MI, property. Improve safety and beauty with new brick pavers.

Safety Hazards

Why You Should Replace Worn Out and Cracked Brick Pavers in Oakland Township, MI

Sometimes hardscape features, like a walkway or patio, become cracked and potentially dangerous simply from age. It may not have been installed correctly or the materials were not optimal quality. If trees are planted nearby, the roots can grow large and cause the feature to shift and crack. Over time, the cracks get larger and larger and move the materials at odd angles. An uneven surface can cause tripping and falling for those who must use it, especially for the elderly and disabled.

The outdated feature could be damaged from landscaping maintenance equipment like heavy-duty stand-on mowers, commercial trimmers, or a small backhoe. Even a personal home mower can cause issues. Once dirt is exposed within a hardscape, weeds can begin to grow and cause more difficulty for you and your guests.

Add the hazard that ice and snow brings to materials that were not made to withstand the freeze/thaw cycle, and you have a recipe for disaster. It’s just a matter of time before someone trips on a walkway with cracks in it.

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Unattractive Appearance and Reduced Value

Curb appeal is what people see when they first arrive at your property. A broken hardscape can detract from the look of your property as well as the value. When visitors notice the broken or missing pieces of a walkway, it can impact their opinion of the care that you take in your landscape.

How Fresh Brick Pavers Can Help

Modern brick pavers can enhance your landscape, making it more appealing to those who visit. Refreshing a patio or driveway with brick pavers in a pleasing pattern can bring beauty back to your location.

There are many patterns that can improve the overall look of your hardscape. A herringbone pattern is classic and can complement any type of architecture from traditional to contemporary. The pinwheel and basket weave have the look of pavers set within a repeating  rectangular pattern.

The running bond is another popular laying pattern. Experienced brick layers can create most any pattern or pattern combination that you desire for your Oakland Township, MI, property.

To bring more interest for a brick paver walkway, consider adding a complementary border in a different laying pattern or with a contrasting stone.

Complete the Refresh Effort

When you refresh your walkway with any color of brick paving stones, don’t neglect to clean up the surrounding landscape. Removing dead shrubs and plants as well as worn mulch can make the walkway look clean and well-kept, improving the appeal and safety.

Colorful perennial plants and annual flowers brings color and texture to the landscape and can really elevate the look of your new sidewalk.

If you are considering replacing your worn or broken brick pavers with a more current choice, a landscape expert can suggest multiple combinations to achieve exactly the look you want. It could be a complete overhaul or it could be that just a few pavers need replacing.