Unique Brick Pavers for Small Patios in Macomb Township, MI

As you look into enhancing your small patio in Macomb Township, MI, you are probably focused on which your brick pavers will work best in your outdoor space. There are many choices for brick pavers that can elevate your patio to become a favorite outdoor spot.

Advantages of a Functional Patio

Unique Brick Pavers for Small Patios in Macomb Township, MI

Even a small but well-planned patio can extend your living area and seamlessly blend the indoors with the outdoors. When your patio is placed in a strategic spot to your home, it is easy to entertain because supplies are close at hand and guests can mingle both indoors and outdoors easily. 

If you choose quality brick pavers, there will be very little maintenance involved. Quality brick pavers mature beautifully on their own, providing you with years of enjoyment as you sit on your patio. The occasional sweeping of debris may be necessary, but for the most part, you’ll have more time for planting your favorite flowers or just relaxing in your little space. 

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Choosing the Right Brick Pavers

Selecting the right paver for your home can seem intimidating, but your local landscape service has experts who can help you decide which brick paver can complement your home’s architecture perfectly. If your home has a traditional exterior, you might choose classic brick pavers for your patio and edge it with a contrasting paver. This sets the tone that your patio is a special place within your outdoor landscape.

However, your home might be more contemporary and you may feel that classic brick pavers are not the right look. There are pavers in hues of gray or tan that can bring a more urban finish to your patio. The shape of your pavers also plays a role in the overall look of a finished patio, with geometric squares and rectangles aligning your patio with your urban landscape. 

Choosing the Right Pattern

Pavers can be laid in a unique pattern to give your patio a totally different appearance. A brick paver set in a circular pattern can be banded by a different color, size, or shaped paver. Mixing patterns of the same brick paver within a patio can give interest to the appearance. A professional landscape designer has an unlimited number of ideas and shapes and patterns to bring a special look to your outdoor space.

Choosing a Shape

Whether you have a courtyard that is long and narrow, or a little nook outside of your French doors, you can have the patio you want. Because your local landscape service has access to a range of brick pavers and tools for rounding any corner or adapting to any edge, any size space can accommodate a patio. 

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Choosing Steps

Adding steps is a wonderful way to make accessing the patio easy and safe. Wide and deep steps provide a safe footing for carrying food and drinks in and out of the house, if they are made of materials with a secure, non-slip surface. 

Consider adding lighting to your patio, as well, to extend its use well into the night. Installing sconces or light fixtures on the side of your home along with under-step lighting means that you can spend as much time as you like on your gorgeous patio.