Advantages of Using Brick Pavers for Pool Decks in Shelby Township, MI

The style of your pool deck is an important consideration when deciding on the type of material you will choose. Even more important is the quality. If you can combine elite style with superior quality, then you have secured one of your home’s most valuable assets. There are several advantages to using brick pavers for your Shelby Township, MI pool deck.

Color and Appearance

Advantages of Using Brick Pavers for Pool Decks in Shelby Township, MI

Pool decks customarily receive a lot of unforgiving treatment. They are, by proximity, in contact with your pool’s chemicals, varying weather conditions, as well as furniture movement and foot traffic. As such, you will want your pool deck material to be able to withstand these conditions with minimal maintenance. Brick pavers are made from natural materials and fired at extremely high temperatures, making their colors virtually permanent. Another plus: Brick pavers will not fade with time and instead, their natural beauty will remain untouched. Because they are a natural material, brick pavers blend well with environmental elements and do not show dirt and scuffs like some other decking materials. Using brick pavers for your pool deck can ensure that you keep the quality level you view at installation will endure for the life of your investment.

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Repairs and Replacement

Another highly popular reason for selecting brick pavers is the ability to easily repair and replace them should you feel the need. One can be removed at a time—in other words, the entire pool deck does not have to be disrupted. In addition, these pavers are easy to clean and maintain. They can be wiped, brushed, and sprayed to remove surface debris and spots. Some are actually made to be stain resistant.

When quality brick pavers are properly installed, repairs are extremely rare. Such pavers are meant to last for decades, giving you peace of mind that this home project is one that will not have to be revisited.

In the event that you decide to change your home’s style, updates are still possible. Since brick pavers are easily removed and manipulated, they can be replaced and re-patterned as your home’s style evolves. Additionally, the durability of brick pavers means that they are capable of handling heavy load weight. With that advantage, incorporating an outdoor kitchen area, knee wall, or other hardscape structure will mean less worry for you that damage will occur to the existing brick pool decking.

Variety of Colors

Brick pavers come in a large selection of colors. This makes them easy to customize when choosing just the right one to go with your existing architecture, landscape, and personal preferences. Whether you are looking for a classy, rustic, or modern end result, brick pavers will not disappoint. Brick pavers can also be installed in an array of patterns and designs, so it is possible that the ones you like will complement most any décor.

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Slip Resistance

A pool deck is naturally going to be wet when the pool is in use and will be prone to spills from drinks and food when hosting or entertaining. Brick pavers have a natural textured surface, making them slip and skid resistant. This is something that is invaluable to any pool owner.