7 Questions to Ask Landscaping Companies in Oakland Township, MI

When searching for landscaping companies for your Oakland Township, MI, project, there are specific questions you should ask before hiring one. Here are the important things to know about a landscape service.

What Are Your Qualifications?

7 Questions to Ask Landscaping Companies in Oakland Township, MI

Just because a landscape company is available doesn’t mean it is the right one for your job. Ask about certifications and any connections to professional associations. These require both continuing education and a high level of proficiency to maintain membership, and the answers can help you evaluate the legitimacy and expertise of a company. 

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Can You Share References?

Ask to see photos of previous projects as this can help you decide if you like the style of the landscape company’s capabilities. The willingness to provide access to previous clients is usually a good sign, because if the clients are happy with the outcome of their landscape project, chances are good that you will be, too. 

How Will We Communicate?

Will there be one person you can contact to answer questions and concerns about your project? Having a point of contact can ease your mind when there are issues you need to have resolved or a question pops up. If you change your mind about a certain part of your project, you want the assurance that you can speak directly with someone who will be available to you within a quick timeframe. 

How Extensive Are Your Services?

Does this landscape company have talented designers who have fresh ideas along with a trusted crew to implement those designs? Look for a landscape company in which the two divisions work together to give you the landscape renovation or fresh start that you want. 

Do You Offer Maintenance Services?

It is always a plus to find a landscape company that can also maintain what they have built. This gives you the confidence that they understand all of the aspects of your landscape since they were the ones who designed and installed your project. Whether it is lawn care or seasonal snow and ice management, having a maintenance team that knows your property can be invaluable. 

Will You Take Care of Grading, Sod, and Irrigation?

You want a landscape company with the grading equipment and experience to create a smooth base for your landscape plan. Irrigation can be essential to maintaining some landscape ideas. Since there are many systems available, look for a company with expertise in a variety of irrigation systems so that they can recommend the ideal plan for your landscape. 

Often, sod is one of the final pieces of a landscape project. You want a lush, healthy, green lawn to complement your home and landscape features, and sod provides this in a minimum of time. 

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How Will I Be Billed?

Once you experience the ease of a Client Hub, which allows you to view your invoices, review quotes, and make payments, you won’t settle for anything less. You can even submit an order for work to be done through the Client Hub. You can keep track of all of your services in one convenient place. 

Since your life doesn’t stop at the front door, neither should your living space be limited to the inside of your home. Your Oakland Township, MI, yard should be a place for your children to play, a place for you to relax and enjoy the outdoors with friends and family, and a cozy spot to unwind from a hectic week. Your local landscape service can create the space you want for any activity you have in mind.