Customizing Your Outdoor Living Space with Carefully Chosen Patio Pavers in Shelby Township, MI

A patio can often transform a previously unused space in your Shelby Township, MI, yard into the perfect outdoor spot. When you customize your patio with carefully chosen pavers, this outdoor area can quickly become your go-to space. 

Brick Pavers

Customizing Your Outdoor Living Space with Carefully Chosen Patio Pavers in Shelby Township, MI

A classic brick paver can evoke the ambiance of an old European town. Used for streets and walkways, a brick paver has a timeless feel that can complement most any architectural style and exterior color. Brick pavers can be the central paver in your patio, or they can define the edges, or create a band of contrast. No matter how they are used, brick pavers can be a wonderful choice for a patio.

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Senzo Pavers 

With its rectangular shape and shading within the paver stone, this type of patio stone from Unilock brings a more urban feel to the landscape. It is manufactured to repel stains and stands up to the highest foot traffic. You can choose from the rectangular or square shape paver in tones of brown, tan, and gray for a refined surface and gorgeous appearance. The Senzo can be combined with other pavers for a truly unique patio.

The Series Pavers 

In the Unilock Series pavers, natural granite and quartz show through in a micro-pebbled surface to create speckles of color. It has a tiny bit of sparkle from the aggregates used to form the paver. With its non-slip surface and excellent wear over time, the Series paver is a great choice for any patio. This paver comes in a dark tone that could be used for an entire patio or as a contrasting band for your surface. 

Umbriano Pavers

If sleek is what you want, then the Unilock Umbriano paver could be just the look you are seeking. Its granite-like surface, rich with mottled color, and the non-slip texture make the Umbriano a popular choice for a patio surface. Manufactured with stain-repellant characteristics and strong enough to stand up to high traffic, the Umbriano paver is available in brown, gray, and clay tones to enhance your contemporary home and landscape. 

Extend to the Sidewalk

Any of these paving stones can be used to construct a walkway that leads to your brand-new patio, bringing a sense of connection from one part of your landscape to another. They are ideal for driveways, too. Don’t forget non-slip steps to enter and exit your patio from the house.

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Custom Installation

Your local landscape service knows how to design and install the backyard patio of your dreams. Their team of design experts will assess your property to determine the best placement of your patio. Once you have discussed what you want in your Shelby Township, MI, patio, they will create a model in 2D or 3D design so that you can actually see the patio within your landscape before one shovel of dirt has been removed.

You can change the pattern, the shape, and the size according to how you want the final product to look, and then they can get to work to bring you the texture and beauty of natural stone in your patio, but with enhanced stain-resistance and longevity. With a process that is smooth and stress-free, you can be assured that your Shelby Township, MI, patio will be a perfect installation from start to finish.