3 Best Patio Pavers in the Oakland Twp, MI, Area

When considering a patio design or upgrade for your Oakland Twp, MI, home, you might be searching for the best pavers to use in your project. Brick and concrete paving stones are durable and have many landscape applications. 

Advantages of Patio Pavers 

3 Best Patio Pavers in the Oakland Twp, MI, Area

A patio can quickly become one of your favorite places to relax, especially when it is large enough to hold an outdoor dining table and some comfortable outdoor seating. Patio pavers are easily replaced if one becomes chipped or dislodged, and they are very durable. You can clean the pavers with a power washer, and they will look brand-new. 

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Patio pavers can withstand the Oakland Township winters and the warm summers without cracking or shifting. And with extremely low maintenance, these patio pavers will serve you well for years to come.

Pavers for an Expanded Patio

If you have an existing patio but want to expand the size, pavers are an excellent choice. Frequently a new home will have a patio that is too small to meet your needs, and this is where a landscape specialist can help you design a patio that is large enough to accommodate your entire family and any event you want to host. Not only can you have enough outdoor space to allow everyone to enjoy a barbeque together, but if you add a low retaining wall around the perimeter of the patio, you can have additional seating and serving space.

Pavers for an Elevated Patio

If you want to install a patio that feels like a destination, consider an elevated patio. This is a raised patio of any size that can be placed in the yard as a focal point. An elevated patio has a certain elegance with its wide steps that lead to the outdoor space from the yard. An elevated patio can even be connected to another patio by walking stones, a walkway, or by an elevated path. Use your elevated patio as an intimate dining area by adding a covered pergola with chandeliers for a special dining experience. 

Pavers Laid in a Particular Pattern

Use patio pavers in specific patterns to designate “rooms” within your patio and separate the rooms by contrasting paver borders. Another option is to use a lighter or darker joint sand to add contrast and drama to the overall appearance of the paving stones. 

Your patio can be laid in the checkerboard pattern for dramatic visual interest. The checkerboard works well with a traditional landscape, while cool tones of pale gray can complement an urban landscape. 

Even the simple change of the direction of the pavers can be enough to create interest in the patio design. 

When you decide that you don’t want your usable square footage to stop at the back door, a patio of gorgeous landscape pavers could be your answer. It will put a smile on your face as you look out on your backyard and see your new patio area that can be your relaxation spot and an entertainment hub. 

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Finding the Right Landscapers for the Job

When you are searching for a landscape professional for your Oakland Township, MI, property, you want experts who understand that your outdoor space is an extension of the care and values you put into your home, as well as an investment in your home’s future. With a 3D rendering of your landscape plan and an experienced construction crew, you could have the patio and landscape of your dreams.