3 Ways to Use Creative Landscape Design to Create Snow Breaks in Your Macomb Township, MI, Front Yard

Creating snow breaks can help to provide landscape protection from the harsh Macomb Township, MI, winter weather. Consider these ways to use creative landscape design to incorporate snow and wind breaks for your front yard.

Functions of a Snow Break

3 Ways to Use Creative Landscape Design to Create Snow Breaks in Your Macomb Township, MI, Front Yard

When the snow is swirling around and the wind is harsh, snow breaks can help you to save on energy costs and snow removal efforts. Incorporating effective snow breaks in your front yard can help to minimize the severity of damage on your landscape. Snow breaks slow down the wind that hits your home, trees, and shrubs, and reduces the size of snow drifts that accumulate in your yard. A well-planned snow break can also serve as a habitat for wildlife animals in the winter season. 

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Considerations for Snow Break Plants

Using a mix of native plants can be key to an effective snow break, as native plants tend to survive in the Macomb Township winter conditions. The trees and shrubs chosen should be hardy and suitable for the site and function of providing a break in the blowing snow.

Choosing multiple varieties of trees and shrubs should be selected so that if one type dies, there is still a sufficient number of other varieties left to ensure a snow break is effective.

Landscape Ideas for Snow Breaks

An open fence that lets air and snow filter through can also provide an effective break from the blowing snow. A professional landscape service can install this type of fence and design plants that minimize the appearance of your fence, while maximizing the beauty of your landscape.  

A row of dense shrubs planted around the foundation of your home can provide insulation and reduced cold air infiltration to your home during those freezing months. Accent these same shrubs in the other seasons with flowers and perennial bulbs and you have a pretty snow break.

A staggered row of trees that keep their leaves can slow the wind and snow significantly. Choose a hardy variety of tree such as an evergreen White Spruce, Norway Spruce, or Leyland Cypress, a or deciduous tree such as a maple or oak tree to place in the center. Surround both sides with evergreen and deciduous shrubs to redirect the wind and snow away from your front yard. 

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Consult a Professional

Your local landscape service has the expertise you need when choosing a snow break for your Macomb Township, MI, front yard. You don’t want just any snow break in the front yard where everyone passing by can see, but you want a break that is functional in the winter but gorgeous in the other seasons. 

With their 2D and 3D design capabilities, your landscape design company can show what each type of snow break will look like in your front yard before they ever begin the installation. Because they are masterful at protecting your home and landscape from the snow and wind, they will even be able to show you other snow breaks that they have designed for previous clients. 

No surprises at the end means that you will get exactly the snow break you want for your Macomb Township front yard, with a smooth installation process.