Adding Curb Appeal to Your Rochester Hills, MI, Home by Redoing Your Driveway with Brick Pavers

If your Rochester Hills, MI, driveway has cracks or shifting surfaces, it might be time to think about a renovation. Redoing your driveway with brick pavers can add not only curb appeal to your home but improve its value.

Advantages of Brick Pavers

Adding Curb Appeal to Your Rochester Hills, MI, Home by Redoing Your Driveway with Brick Pavers

Brick pavers have come a long way—today there are wide varieties of colors and bold shapes. The one thing that has not changed is the classic appearance that complements any architecture. 

Durability: Brick pavers are more durable than ever because of advances in manufacturing technology. Quality brick pavers can withstand the weight and pressure that cars put on a driveway while also standing up to the Michigan winter weather. 

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Permeability: Many brick pavers have the added advantage of being permeable, a capability that allows water to disperse through the hardscape into the ground. This helps with drainage and storm runoff. You won’t have to worry about standing water on the driveway or in the surrounding landscape beds.

Stain resistant: The new brick pavers have amazing stain resistance that can help to keep your driveway looking newer longer. Gone are the days when your driveway would be dotted with little oil leaks or spilled antifreeze. 

Laying patterns: Multiple laying patterns means that your driveway can fit your unique landscape. You can choose the laying pattern that suits your preferred aesthetic, and it doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. 

Colors: The traditional red brick color is certainly a classic, but your can choose from hues of gray, burgundy, tan, and traditional red. You can customize your driveway with contrasting borders and variations in the shape of the driveway to reflect your own personal style. 

Easily replaced: Any section or brick can easily be replaced without any disturbance to the surrounding brick pavers. This means that your driveway will stay in tip-top shape for years to come. 

Customize: With brick pavers, you can customize entryway pillars, planters, and decorative retaining walls to the driveway to further define that outdoor space. Pillars can be lit up for easy visibility when turning from the road into your driveway, while lighting for the driveway can illuminate where guests should park their cars when visiting. 

Planters can echo the brick pavers but also incorporate banding or decorative tile to draw attention to your pretty floral plantings. Retaining walls can solve the erosion-causing problem of a sloping yard that has too much water runoff, but they can also serve to accent a certain portion of your landscape as a horizontal element. 

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Consult the Professionals

Your Rochester Hills, MI, landscape experts have the expertise you need to transform your existing driveway into a functional, gorgeous brick paver entry. They know that you are not just building a beautiful space but investing in the future of your home. 

A 2D or 3D landscape design plan can put you at ease as you make the decisions on your pavers’ patterns, borders to draw the eye into your landscape, and any other addition you wish to make.  Combining decades of experience with a proven track record, they can create exactly the driveway that you envision to add curb appeal to your home.