Incorporating Functionality in Your Shelby Township, MI, Landscape Design

Regardless of how stunning your backyard may be, it will receive little attention if it is not comfortable and accommodating. An unused landscape is a wasted investment, and prioritizing practicality is, therefore, a vital element of landscape design and build. Here are a few ways to ensure that your Shelby Township, MI, landscape is as functional as it is beautiful.

Set Up Shade

Incorporating Functionality in Your Shelby Township, MI, Landscape Design

A sharp drop or rise in temperature can make outdoor living difficult if there are no accommodations. Combat the midday heat by creating a shady solace or two. Harness shade from a collection of dense trees, and allow their vibrant green foliage to give your landscape a warm and welcoming appearance. These trees might also shade rooms within your home, reducing the expense of keeping your home cool in summer. Homeowners tend to opt for pergolas over trees in areas where falling leaves would prove to be a nuisance. Pergolas are often used to shield the pool and outdoor kitchen from the sun, for example. These structures can be decked out with accessories such as curtains, fairy lights, and climbing plants, to customize the look and feel of the outdoor rooms beneath them.

Build and Plant Windbreaks

A strong wind can put a stop to your outdoor fun and bring an unpleasant chill with it. A professional landscape designer would be able to assess the wind patterns on your landscape and identify the best spots to position windbreaks. Effective windbreaks include evergreen shrubs and trees, which slow and redirect wind with their dense foliage. Building sunken outdoor rooms, surrounded by a terraced landscape and system of low walls, can also serve to protect parts of the landscape from the effects of strong wind.

Create Privacy

Privacy is absolutely essential for complete relaxation. Tall walls, looming vegetation, and screens are excellent examples of structures that can be used to enclose and conceal your landscape. The type of barrier you select will depend largely upon the visual effect it has on your landscape design. Natural barriers tend to look softer than walls, while stone walls can be designed to double as focal features with the addition of murals and interesting veneers. An important part of cultivating privacy also lies in drowning out the noise that emanates from the surrounding neighborhood so that you will feel pleasantly isolated. Water features create a soothing white noise that comes accompanied by the animated visual effect of moving water colliding with objects and itself.

Keep It Low Maintenance

It’s important to consider how much time you’re willing to spend maintaining your landscape and whether you would prefer to hire professional landscapers to maintain it for you. Homeowners who are always on the go and want to spend all their time enjoying their outdoor living space should plant and install as many low-maintenance options as possible. Plants that are native to your area will thrive in your landscape, as will hardy succulents. Another option is the implementation of hardscape features, such as a paver patio, to reduce the amount of mowing and watering that needs to be done. Concrete pavers only ever require occasional sweeping and a quick rinse after a spill.