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Grading & Excavating



Leave the heavy-duty lifting to our team.

Whether the ground around your home’s uneven, or needing a full-scale inspection and excavation, our team has the machinery and expertise to serve you on-site. Overseeing a genuine feat of engineering, we approach your grading in multiple stages—measuring, calculating, and guaranteeing professional-grade terrain.

  • Clean and efficient removal of debris

  • Design with erosion control in mind

  • High-quality topsoil, sod and backfills

Regardless of the state of the ground surrounding your home, we’ll inspect, level and smoothen it. On the foundation that we lay, utilizing bulldozers, high-tech tools and our wits, you can proceed with any form of landscaping or personalizing you can imagine. Our crew uses everything at its disposal to refine, transform and protect your outdoors.



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Can’t say enough good things about Zach and the team at ZLM! When it comes to big jobs costing several thousands – do you want the worry and hassle of using a cut-rate contractor that hides issues or misses details? We sure didn’t.
— Howard S. on June 2, 2016 via Yelp