How Landscape Design Adds Value to Troy, MI Homes

A well-designed and maintained landscape can add value not only to your home investment but to your overall quality of life. Here are some explanations on how landscape design can add value to your Troy, MI, home.

For starters, you should know that some of the nation’s leading organizations in the real estate industry have reported a rise in the market value of homes in Troy, MI. As of 2017, Troy surpassed Detroit as one of the most trending housing markets in the area. With a promising investment on your hands, it is worthy of any needed upgrades. Upgrading the landscape design on a home can reportedly increase its value on average by 6%-12%, and as much as 15%. Research has shown that the resale value after an upgraded landscape can give homeowners a significant return on their investment.

Curb Appeal

How Landscape Design Adds Value to Troy, MI Homes

The very first thing a person sees when approaching a home is its exterior. Landscape design plays a crucial role in that facade. It has been documented that potential buyers and renters often base their opinion of the interior of the home on what they think of its exterior. And that means they may pass up potential homes simply because of what the exterior reveals. Conversely, well-designed homes tend to attract other homeowners, buyers, and renters more rapidly than those that are not.

What turns heads is the look of luxury and full enjoyment of what today’s landscapes can offer. Few can resist the allure of fire pit or an outdoor kitchen with all the amenities, crafted out of quality materials. When passersby see the results of a beautiful landscape design, they instantly think of the possibilities for their own home and raise their expectations—which in turns can boost the value of yours.

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Landscape Design Trends

Trends in home remodeling and décor shift with the times and the preferences of various homeowners. High quality materials that are designed to last and installed with care will endure through the ages and be noted by people admiring your home. Today’s trends call out for expanded living spaces in the outdoors, with beautiful surfaces, integrated outdoor “rooms,” and areas for the various members of the family to enjoy.

Outdoor Living Space

With the frigid temperatures during the peak of winter season, when we can get outside here matters. A well planned yard becomes an extension of your home. From an inviting paver patio where you spend most of your summer hours to playful grass space for your kids to enjoy, the valuable time multiplies.


There are many safety benefits to upgrading your landscape design. The value of privacy is an important factor to take into account when thinking through how you want your landscape to come together. A privacy barrier could be made through strategic planting or a stylish stone wall. A well thought out landscape design can also help with flooding and drainage issues, which could be a potential safety hazard and economical risk.

Economical Value

There is sizeable economical value that comes with a well-designed landscape. According to experts in the field, exterior improvements have a significant impact on the appraisal value of a home. For example, according to a study performed at Michigan State University, an increase of up to 11% on the value of homes was reported because of a spruced-up landscape.